Develop Yoga Meditation on Yoga Day and make yourself a person with positive mentality and human qualities.

To keep the body healthy, exercise is the best that we all are less. Know more Some people do not exercise regularly, but if they get the opportunity to exercise the yoga exercise. We all know that on June 21 World Yuga Day. Let us all practice yoga in the house and make whole society and create a disease free Bangladesh. Our youth will have to provide inspiration to Yoga practice. The knowledge that shines the Yoga Meditation will not only be confined to the urban society, but also the publicity and expansion of it.

Yoga Meditation is a one-day thing and regular adjustments of certain seats and exercises should be done to understand the body. Which is very beneficial for the body. If you do this at all, your body and mind will be better.

These are the movements in the Indian subcontinent but there is no movement in our country. Besides, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Modi exercised his yoga as well as kept the body healthy and thought, too. As a result, yoga has gained a special seat in the world today. If you go to the village of Bangladesh and ask, what is Yoga Meditation? I do not know if so many will say. It has sown seeds of good quality in a kind of science.
On 21 June, the United Nations announced that on the day of International Yoga Day, Modi will sit open publicly in front of the India Gate in New Delhi. On this day he will take part in 15 seats in 35 minutes. Every time the Yuga Day is very high in our country this time it will rise.
Indian High Commissioner Harsha Vardhan Shingla in Dhaka inaugurated this event. Bangladesh appreciates the initiative to popularize yoga exercises. Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants that everyone at YEGA internationally screw it down. And everyone should practice it. Now it is only in India that the international mahalyo has its admiration.
So let’s all make yiga and build a nice beautiful Bangladesh. The theme of Yoga Day is the slogan. Let everyone exercise yoga or yoga and clean the polluted mind. This is the purpose of Yoga Sanjita that through Yoga meditation, make your body and mind healthy and peaceful.
Every day, we all have the qualities of humanity that are falling short of us, and we are going to increase it with a lot of excitement. And as a result, the trend of crime, murder, suicide, etc. in society is increasing in society. Let us make a promise to ourselves on World Yuga Day, help yogya and help others. Death is required when it is born. So know yourself before death, recognize yourself. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of dangers to live with in our life. There is no need to say other things for the sake of the solution, the solution is between our own. As a result of yoga every day, you will be directly connected to the demoniacal consciousness and you will be able to perceive the soul in yourself.
The tendency of suicide in our society is very high, especially educated unemployed people, without getting a job, set themselves on fire, which is known to the society as an auctioneer; Bring your mind to the yoga and awaken your conscience. Learn to understand the worst, and say suicide is a great mistake.
The only goal of our is to go to the public’s work, and if you think of it as a favorable thing to you, it is our fate. Start today practice yoga at home. And life does not ruin it by hanging itself in the same way. Understand the purpose of human life. And live for happiness, work for the people, and live happily.

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আসুন সবাই মিলে ইয়গা-মেডিটেশন করি,মন থেকে অশুভ সব মুছে ফেলে এ সুন্দর পৃথিবীটাকে ভালবাসাই আরও সুন্দর করে তুলি
About ইয়গা সঞ্জিতা(Yoga Sanjita)

আসুন সবাই মিলে ইয়গা-মেডিটেশন করি,মন থেকে অশুভ সব মুছে ফেলে এ সুন্দর পৃথিবীটাকে ভালবাসাই আরও সুন্দর করে তুলি

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